Somepoint Sound is a team of experienced audio engineers, composers, and sound designers dedicated to delivering the highest quality audio experience across all forms of media.

We offer a variety of services including:


Write original music for your project

-Production Sound-

Capture live dialogue in sync with the camera team


Balance the edited dialogue, ADR, foley, effects, and music to create a final soundtrack for your project

-Sound Design-

Create unique sounds and put them in sync with picture


Taking its name from Jack Foley, the sound editor regarded as the "father" of these effects, Foley effects are sounds that are created by recording everyday movement while watching the edited picture. Some sounds include, footsteps, object handling, and clothing rustle

-Dialogue Editing-

Prepare the production dialogue tracks by removing extraneous noise. Use alternative takes(if necessary) to deliver the cleanest tracks to the final mix

Ethan Profile Beach.JPG

Ethan Gustavson


Ethan is a composer, sound designer, production sound mixer, dialogue editor, and foley artist. He attended The Conservatory of Music at Purchase College.


Drummond Dominguez-Kincannon


Drummond is a guitarist, composer, and teacher based out of New York. He attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College where he studied jazz guitar. Drummond’s compositions span a wide range of genres from progressive metal and jazz, to chiptune music and video game soundtracks.